What We Are Hearing....

"Hi Ellen, It was so nice to speak with you last week in Houston. Your bags are truly one of a kind with the best directions I've come across for bag making. My bags always come out looking s crisp, and I always get so many compliments! One more thing, the 2 women you had helping in your booth were so nice and helpful. I know it was a long (market & festival) but you all were so upbeat it was a pleasure. We didn't always see the same enthusiasm that we felt when chatting with you all! Take care, and keep those ideas coming. I see many more bags in my future! Regards,


St. Augustine, FL"

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"Ellen, I just want to thank you for providing such wonderfully complete and clear instructions for your patterns. It is a joy to create a new bag without any headaches or misunderstood directions. I purchased quite a few interchangeable handles to make bags as gifts for friends and family last year and then "life interrupted" and family matters demanded 100% of my attention. Now things have finally calmed down, I have moved to a new house and the first box I opened after clearing a path to my sewing room was the "handbag" box! I can't wait to get started and thrill everyone with these cute bags. I'm sure I speak for all your fans when I say, keep being inspired and thanks for providing such fun accessories for us!


Chicago, IL"

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"Ellen, I just wanted to let you know that this pattern is one of the best written patterns I've ever used! I just had a sewing day with two friends who came over - we all wanted to make tote-ish bags and all used different patterns. I was the first one finished with no complaints. Finisher #2 had mistakes in her pattern (in a BH&G book/magazine) and finisher #3 barely finished one side of hers. Thanks,


Denver, CO"

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"Hi Ellen, ... so I took out your pattern for the interchangeable purse for Easter for my sister-in-law. Thank you the pattern, it was so well explained that it only took me a couple of hours and no mistakes or not understanding what I was doing. It is a beautiful bag and I am sure will be making many more. A new quilt shop opened up here and I am taking your pattern and my bag to her to see if she would not order some for the shop.You saved my day and gave me back some of my confidence. Thank you again for being great with your pattern.


North Olmsted, OH"